Caleb's Creature Generator

This is a creature generator for Mongoose Traveller.
It follows the creature creation rules in the Traveller Core Rulebook.
The creature creation process, the tables, and, generally, all the data used to create this page is copyrighted to Mongoose Publishing.
I'm just trying to speed the process up a bit.

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Planetary Quirks

Nesting Quirk:Builds nests from organic materialLocomotion Quirk:A prehensile body part which is normally not prehensile
Clear Flier1
Recon 0, Athletics 0, Survival 1, Melee (Thrasher) 0, Weight 1kg.
Thrasher (3d6), Armor 4, Number Encountered: 1d6
Attack: If the hunter is bigger than at least one character, then it attacks on a 6+. Otherwise, it attacks on a 10+.Flee: 5-