Tabletop Games, especially Role Playing Game like Dungeons & Dragons or Traveller, present certain challenges.

We were a hybrid group, where some folks were in person, others remote. Some folks would read the rules, others would not. Certain game constructs, such as a space ship or a in-game shop inventory are difficult to manage. I've written several pages over the years to ease some of the cognitive burden of playing.

Space Ship Combat Tracker (Mongoose Traveller)

This page was created to help the players keep track of the state of their space ship. The performance of the ship would degrade as they took damage. Tracking the current state of a space ship was such a huge part of the fun, but it was also daunting. That is where this page came in.

Space Fleet Combat Tracker (Mongoose Traveller)

This page was created to help me manage large fleet actions that we were playing through. I would have three or four ships to track, all of which were changing as their performance degraded.

Initiative Tracker (Mongoose Traveller)

In Traveller, a player can alter their initiative score. That score determines the order in which characters act in a combat round. Since initiative was changing like crazy, I made this page to help me order everything properly.

Traveller Shop (Mongoose Traveller)

I created this page to provide a URL which would generate a shop where players could spend their money. Everybody got the same listing due to the URL key.

Note:These are not polished pages. I look back on them with fondness. As rough as they are, we spent many hours using them. Custom software for our game.